Copper alloys noted for superb strength, malleability, ductility, tenacity and merchantability are widely used as useful industrial materials, and their applications are versatile.
The phosphor copper metal of which purity and production amount are of the world's first class is used as deoxidizers and additives of sheets, plates, strips, wires, bars, and tubes of copper and copper alloys.
The applications include air-conditioning system, gasket(phosphorus-deoxidzed copper), electric machinery parts, lead frame material, spring material, washers(phosphor bronze), automobile radiator tubes(phosphor contained brass), low temperature welding rod(copper phosphorus brazing filler metal), and others.
The phosphor nickel is indispensable as the stainless steel bottle brazing filler metal, and the phosphor iron is very important for improving the heat resistance and wear resistance of ferrous sintered alloys.
Besides, the applications of master alloy metals extend widely from various industrial materials to processed products.